Karlyn Doyle, 2015 WEM Foundation Outstanding Educator Award Honoree

For the second year in a row, a MN Future Problem Solving Coach has been honored by the WEM Foundation as an Outstanding Educator. 





Karlyn Doyle, pictured with her proud parents, Bonny and John Doyle, has been a teacher and academic coach for 23 years.  She currently teaches Spanish, Global Communications, and Media Technology to students in grades 6-8 and coaches Global Issues Problem Solving and Community Problem Solving, both components of the Future Problem Solving Program.  Karlyn also coaches Knowledge Bowl.  

“Future Problem Solving is a competition, but Karlyn isn’t concerned about the trophy.  She’s concerned about students growing and showing them they can create their own positive futures,” said Cheryl Whitesitt, Executive Director of the Minnesota Future Problem Solving Program (FPSP). 

Karlyn began coaching the Global Issues Problem Solving Component in 2005, and Community Problem Solving (CmPS) in 2012. Since then, she has coached three State Champion Team projects and one State Champion Individual project.  At the International Competition, two years ago, her team placed sixth.  In 2014, her team took second place.  In June of this year, her Middle Division Team took the Championship, her Junior Division Team took second place, and her Middle Division Individual took third place.  Under Karlyn’s tutelage, CmPS at North Junior High, in St. Cloud, has tripled in three short years.  Karlyn states, “I believe that Community Problem Solving has grown so quickly because of my commitment to not only the success of the program, but to that of the students themselves.  They are committed to learning a process that supports the success of their projects and are passionate about making a difference in our community.” 

“Through our Community Problem Solving projects we not only make our school a better place, but we become better people.  Ms. Doyle has made me realize the importance and joy in helping others,” said student Leah Stiegel who nominated Karlyn for the WEM Award. 

In addition to her teaching and coaching, Doyle serves on the district’s scheduling committee, runs the school store, and serves as the student council advisor. 


The Minnesota Future Problem Solving Program is proud to have Karlyn as a part of the coaching team.  Congratulations Karlyn!