2016-17 Donors

2016 – 2017 Donors


Action Plan Donors  ($1000 or more)

$10,000 — Anonymous


Solution Donors  ($500-$999)

Vernae Hasbargan

Blandin Foundation (in honor of Vernae’s volunteer services)

Wells Fargo


Underlying Problem Donors  ($100-$499)

FPS Alumni – State Champs Tee Shirts

TC Meng and George Meng Families, Karlyn Doyle & Tom Warnemunde, Upsher-Smith

Leslie Hanson, Adam Schoh, James Walsh, Roberta Alsworth

Wilma and David Schoh, Sandra and Mike Duffy, Adam Schoh, Joe Lefto,

Allen and Connie Meiners, Maura Stoltz Hasan, Allen and Cheryl Whitesitt



Challenge Donors   (up to $99)

Don and Marilyn Wilke, Philip and Nicole Whitesitt, Leigh and Nathan Campbell

Maura Stoltz Hasan, David Hartley, Joyce Swenson, Candyce Bartol, Cheryl Dettmer,

Justin Maki, Melissa McDonald, Carolyn Schmelzer, Daniel and Marie Duffy, Julie Athman, Carolyn Schmelzer, Jonathan Pikalek