Why is the Future Problem Solving Program important to Minnesota students?

For 35 years, MN FPS has been helping Minnesota students become learners, leaders, and catalysts for positive change!  It prepares students to meet the challenges of the future by teaching critical-thinking, team building skills, and in-depth research skills into topics we are likely to face in the future.  Recent topics include: Processed Foods, Enhancing Human Potential, Plastics Pollution, Mining Resources in Space and Land Transportation- just to name a few.  



LEGACY MN FPS is a fund-raising initiative started in 2014 in conjunction with our 35th Anniversary.  It seeks to raise $10,000 annually by employing the POWER OF 100 – 100 donors giving $100 or more.   LEGACY MN FPS will help ensure that FPS is available to Minnesota students for another 35 years!

Donors of $100 or more will receive special recognition as POWER of 100 Donors on our MN FPS website, on displays and/or hand-out programs at our Regional Competitions in January, and at the State Competition in March.  

Interested in giving at an even higher level?   Those who donate $250 or more will be classified as Foundational Donors; they will be recognized in all the above mentioned places, and will also have the option to have their logo or photograph displayed.  

Donations of all sizes are welcome, appreciated, and tax-deductible!   


How will my money be used?

The majority of LEGACY MN FPS funds will be used to help Minnesota students in two specific areas:  

1. Grants to aid Community Problem Solving students in completing their service projects goals.

2. Grants to State Winners to assist with expenses associated with representing Minnesota at the International Future Problem Solvers Competition – where Minnesota students bring home top honors each year competing against students from all over the United States and over 12 different countries!  

LEGACY MN FPS wants to help Minnesota’s Future Problem Solvers achieve their goals when money is the only thing holding them back!

A small portion of funds will remain in LEGACY MN FPS to build an endowment for needs identified by Minnesota FPS students. Such uses may include subsidizing registration for students in need, creation of a “graduating senior” scholarship, start up help for schools new to MN FPS, etc.  


How do I donate?

To donate to LEGACY MN FPS, click Donate!  [This link can also be reached through the LEGACY menu item and clicking on Donate! there.]

Alternatively, donations can also be mailed to:  MNFPSP, PO Box 8  10299  Co Rd 18, Brownsville, MN  55919.  Please don’t wait to donate!  Donations must be received by January 15th for recognition at our Regional Competitions held on January 31st, and by February 14th for recognition at our 35th State Competition in March.  


I want to be a Foundational Donor- how do I submit my logo or photo for your website? 

As a donor of $250 or more your logo or photograph can be displayed on our website for a year, and also appear on our 35th Anniversary Displays – “Growing Minnesota Minds for 35 years!”  The graphic is a  tree design, and Foundational Donors will be recognized  under the tree as the “roots”.   Please email us the logo or photo that you want us to use.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes!  The Minnesota Future Problem Solvers Program is a 501c3, and your donation is tax-deductible.  A receipt showing your donation to LEGACY MN FPS will be mailed or emailed to you.


I know someone who may be interested in being a LEGACY MN FPS donor, can you contact them?  

Yes!  We will follow-up with any suggested contacts that you may have – thank you for helping us spread the word about the LEGACY MN FPS initiative!   Please email contact information or call Jennifer Taylor, LEGACY Council Chair at 651-214-7876.


I would be interested in having MN FPS students speak at my organization, how do I arrange this?

MN FPS students would be happy to attend your meeting, give a short talk on the Future Problem Solving Program and LEGACY MN FPS, and ask for donations.  Alternately, we can provide you with fliers or postcards that contain all the important LEGACY MN FPS information and you can distribute them at your meeting or event.   If you have such a request, please email us or call Jennifer Taylor, LEGACY Council Chair at 651-214-7876.  Please include when and where your meetings are held. 

If you have additional questions, please email us.

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