2017 Opportunity to Host International Students!

Note:  Applications are due by 15 February 2017

To those of you who are new to the idea of hosting International Students, following are a few details and tips:

1.    Just prior to the Future Problem Solving Program International Competition, our International Students like to come to the states to get acclimated to our time zone and to learn about our culture.

2.    The dates that they will arrive are approximately June 3 or 4 to June 7 or 8.

3.    They fly will into Minneapolis or La Crosse depending on the advice you give them. Host families pick them up at the airport, transport them during their stay, and return them to the airport unless other plans are made.

4.    They come with spending money.

5.    Most do like to shop, but they also like to just get to know you and your community.  They like to visit our schools and nature.

6.    Host families in the same area often plan an evening event together.  When we hosted, it rained – a lot – so our picnic was moved to our pole barn.  They loved it!  We played games, ate well potluck style, and enjoyed great fellowship.

7.    Long term relationships have been developed and host families have already visited their new families from other countries.

8.    You don’t need to plan anything special. They just want to get to know us.  In fact, the first day plan on letting them sleep a quite a bit and to just hang out.


If you are interested but have questions, please email Cheryl or call her at 507-450-4227.

If you know for sure that you’d like to host, please download and fill out this form and email it to Cheryl — please make sure to fill out the “preferences” on the second page –how many students you can host, any age preferences, and/or gender preferences.  We’ll do our very best to fill your requests but sometimes need to be flexible.


By the way, it is NOT required that you or your student/s go to IC.