September Coach Training Opportunities


September 21

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

A Jimmy John’s sandwich 

will be provided for lunch. 


Richfield Church of Christ

7314 Humboldt Ave S Richfield, MN 55423


In the Basement 

Advanced Coach Training

For coaches with one or more years of Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS) coaching experience.  Dig deeper into the Creative Problem Solving Process Tools including the application of Generating and Focusing Tools.  Take a look at student work “Through the Eyes of an Evaluator.”

Scenario Writing Coach Training

Want to challenge your excellent writers with creative writing? Great for your classroom!

Scenario Writing is an individual competition in which students develop short stories related to one of five FPS topics for the year. The story (1500 words or less) is set at least 20 years in the future and is an imagined, but logical, outcome of actions or events taking place in the world.

Why Scenario Writing?

To prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century, FPS teaches students to think critically, creatively, and futuristically. The Scenario Writing component strives to help students enlarge, enrich, and make more accurate their images of the future, while honing their creative writing skills. Scenario Writing personalizes the ever-growing perspective a student has on the future. In addition, participation provides opportunities for students to meet and exceed educational standards as they refine their writing skills. A rubric-based authentic evaluation is provided, giving students tools for continuous growth.

Go Here to register.  Here is a flyer you can print out or distribute.

The Registration Deadline is Friday, September 13th.