In Memorium – Sandra Duffy


In honor of Sandra, the MN Future Problem Solving Board and Administration has collected $500.00.

This money will be used to help continue the work that Sandra supported for so many years while raising her children, through financial donations, as well as volunteering onsite when Minnesota hosted the International Competition in 2009-10, and 2018-19. Her smiling face, energy, and willingness to do anything that was needed, will be greatly missed. These assets continue to be seen through her son, Nathan, who learned well from her and continues to reflect her light through his giving nature to do what is needed.  Obituary

In Memoriam – Tom Alsworth

In memory of Thomas (Tom) Alsworth, the father of FPS Alumna, Board Member, and Volunteer, Andrew Alsworth; the MN FPSP Board and Administration is donating $220.00.

The Alsworth Family has, throughout the years, and continues to be supporters of the MN FPSP as we “teach kids how to think, not what to think.”

In Memoriam – Carolyn Schmelzer



In memory of Carolyn Schmelzer, Richard Heath donated $100.00,  Joan and Calvin Mitchell donated $25.00, and Cherryl Jostad donated $25.00 to the Minnesota Future Problem Solving Program.

 Thank you to Joan, Calvin, Richard, Cherryl and Carolyn for their support of the program and each other.

In Memoriam – Glen Jostad and Bernice Bleedorn


February 25, 2011

In Loving Memory of Glen Jostad


Throughout the years, Glen Jostad supported the Minnesota Future Problem Solving Program through encouraging words.  

He saw the need for teaching students critical and creative thinking skills.

Most recently, Glen chose to support the program financially as well.

When he handed me his last check, his words were, “You are doing an important work and I’d like to see it grow.”

In loving memory of Glen’s support and constant encouragement, we are donating $100.00 towards this work.

With love,

Allen and Cheryl Whitesitt